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Short Hair/Smooth Coat

  • Small Breed: 0-15 lbs.-$10

  • Medium Breed: 15-40 lbs.-$20

  • Large Breed: 40-70 lbs.-$30

  • Extra Large Breed: 70+lbs-$40  

Medium/Long Hair

  • Small Breed: 0-15 lbs.-$15

  • Medium Breed: 15-40 lbs.-$25

  • Large Breed: 40-70 lbs.-$35

  • Extra Large Breed: 70+lbs. $45 

Trims & Misc Services

Undercoat Removal: $15

Nail Trim: $7

Sanitary, Face, Ear Feet trim: $5

Full body Trim: $15

Rough Condition: $15

All bathing services include a bath, brush, dry, and a nail trim.

***Haircuts are an extra charge added to Bathing services***

***Specialty Cuts Not Available***

Grooming Glossary

When grooming your beloved there are many different options that are available to ensure your pup is groomed to your standards.

Here's a glossary of some of the most common words and phrases used by groomers to explain certain everyday grooming procedures, and an easier breakdown of our grooming that we have to offer.


A razor edged tool that is used to take off a certain amount of length on a coat. There are numerous sizes of combs for the clippers blades that enables the groomer to cut different lengths/textures of fur. The longer the coat: the lower the blade size, the shorter the cut: the higher the blade size.

*When requesting a SHAVE/TRIM: please note it can take a minimum of 3 hours to fully complete the grooming session.*


Grooming technique to remove matted fur .


A grooming technique that groomers use scissors and a comb/brush to complete a cut/trim. This is often to finish your pet's feet, tails and facial areas.

Forced-air Dryer: 

A forced-air dryer is a tool that groomers use to fully dry your pet after towel drying. 

Kennel Dryer: 

A dryer that attaches to the kennel to dry the dog. This is usually used on pets that do not have a liking to the forced-air dryer.

When requesting grooming, the RABIES vaccination must be up to date.