Nor Cal Pet Services

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Requirements for Boarding, Daycare, & Grooming Services


  • Rabies
  • K9 Influenza
  • Bordetella 
  • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo,                Para- influenza)

All Vaccinations MUST be up to date 
      upon drop off 


At Nor-Cal, we strive to provide your pet with quality care and safety is our number one priority. Our Facility is such a great option for pups because it’s a safe, controlled environment for play under watchful human care. Here’s how we keep our daycare safe and comfortable for all our furry guests:

-No Socialization of Dogs

-Daycares are always supervised by our staff 

-Daycare Rotations and Walkie Talkie Procedures

-Pets enjoy rest periods inside our climate-controlled kennels

-Strict vaccination standards

-Exits have extra safety precautions 

(ex: screen doors, gates, and fencing)

-Temperature-controlled indoor play yard

-Facility is monitored by cameras throughout

-Harness policy

Harness Safety

Harnesses provide extra safety when your dog is being moved around the facility or out for walks. These are especially important if your dog isn’t leash trained. All dogs are required to have a harness while boarding at Nor-Cal Pet Services Inc. If you do not have a harness, one will be provided for your dog. In the event your dog chews and/or breaks our harness, you will be charged a $15 replacement fee.