Nor Cal Pet Services

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Overnight Boarding Services

Basic Kennels

Each accommodation comes with a raised cot, a soft blanket, and clean food and water bowls. 
We offer two types of regular boarding spaces.

Boarding Prices:

0-25lbs - $24 per night

26-49lbs - $26 per night

50lbs + -$28 per night

Ruff House - $40 per night 

Private Condo -$50 per night

Luxury Rooms

We have 3 large, accommodating spaces for those pups that need a little something extra. 

"Ruff" House

We have two Rough house rooms available for reservation. These are more spacious rooms that are fully enclosed for high jumpers and high energy dogs.

We offer dog boarding services consisting of 24 hour around the clock care for your pet. We follow a flexible feeding schedule based on your pets individual needs and dogs are walked every 2-3 hours at no additional charge. 

We recommend bringing your dog's usual diet, but we offer house food for a small fee.

Our boarding services offer daily exercise, companionship, and socialization for dogs with our staff in the indoor play ground specifically designed for them! 

*We do not socialize or Kennel dogs together unless they come from the same family. *

We will administer medications at the pet parents request.


*NOTE: please provide original packaging for any medications coming along for your pets stay. (See medication Policy)

All of our services are supervised by trained staff. 

We have a private condo available for pets that need a spacious place that feels like home. The condo includes a doggie day bed, and a TV so your pet can watch Animal Planet for entertainment!